Friday, May 18, 2007

El Lay

So I live a couple miles from the CBS lot on Fairfax and Beverly. There have been people camped out by the lot for more than a month looking for tickets to the final Price is Right with Bob Barker. I drove past there the other night and the line stretched for more than a block. I can't even fathom having that much blind devotion to a TV show.

I take a right on Beverly, and there's another gathering of people lined up for blocks. And blocks. And blocks and blocks and blocks. This time it was for a Linkin Park in-store appearance. I had no idea Linkin Park had this many fans left, total, much less in one city.

*LA has Vermont and New Hampshire avenues running parallel. At first, it seems like a nice little touch by a city planner with a sense of geography. But one night I was walking between the two I realized New Hampshire is actually a block west of Vermont.

*I had a betta fish named Eddie for more than a year. Anyone who has ever had a betta basically knows the drill ... they are some of the hardiest critters on the planet. They're indigenous to swamps in Southeast Asia. I once ran out of betta food and it was three days before I got to Petco to buy more and Eddie didn't even flinch.

Last week, I went to change his water. And I forgot to add the couple drops of tap water purifier you're supposed to use when you change your fish's water.

The unpurified LA city water killed Eddie dead within 24 hours.