Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh I, ohhhh I'm still alive

Alright, time to kick it old-school with a Dave's World post. Or sumthin' like that.

*If you used to follow the old blog, you know that friend and general tag-team partner in mischief Chris Forsberg is one of the biggest camera hogs in the sports journalism business. Lo and behold, he just HAD to get a picture of himself in a recent bowling story in the Fitchburg Sentinel. Couldn't get a photo of another bowler, or the person he was bowling with. I'm pretty sure sometime this summer I'll get an email from him saying "Dude, they were looking to run a men's swimwear spread in the paper, and I just happened to show up to work today wearing a bathing suit, so my picture's in the paper again."

*My buddy Dan Sally shot a standup bit that will air on Comedy Central this summer, but Comedy Central's already got a clip available online. Check it out here.

*My boy Dan Boucher's band Neptune was featured in the Boston Herald recently. They're on a U.S. tour now. I'd link to the Herald story, but they'd already archived it. So I'll link to their website instead.

*Want to venture a guess to which of my friends would write a column defending on Barry Bonds if given the opportunity? Did you say Andy Nesbitt? You're right.

*If you're wondering why I enjoy writing about mixed martial arts, it is in large parts because I love the way the fighters just tell you what's on their mind straight up. Here's one quote from one prominent UFC fighter about a fight in which he bulled his way to victory after almost getting choked out. I'm not going to name the fighters because the guy on the receiving end is a good guy and I haven't gotten his side of the story: "I was p***ed. "(That fighter) is a p***y. He kicked me in the n*ts and kept fighting. If I did that to someone I would have been gentleman enough to back off and let him recover, but he's a p***y. So I just got p***ed and I kicked his a**."

That's a whole lot more fun than going out with the pack at an average pro sports event and listening to someone recite the same rote "We just take things one game at a time" stuff over and over and over.

*Do Red Sox fans have the right to boo Johnny Damon? Yup. But let's can the "Boston's fans are so much more intelligent and sophisticated" jibber-jabber for awhile, at least.

*$3.39 for gas down the street from me. And it is one of those independent dealers too, the ones that used to be about 30 cents a gallon cheaper than the big name places, but suddenly cost the same as everyone else. Hmmmm.


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